Make renewable, independent, efficient and affordable energy a reality for everyone.

Our current energy transition is among the most complex problems the world has ever faced.

Batteries are essential to making renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy, viable and more widespread by supplying stored, renewable energy when the sun isn’t shining, and the wind isn’t blowing.
Battery storage systems enable people to live untethered lives by providing the power they want in a variety of voltages wherever and whenever it’s needed. We help people gain independence by completely optimizing and transforming energy usage so they can use it on their terms.

Electrical grids are only 33% efficient.


66% of energy on the grid is released as waste.

Aging grids are unstable, inefficient and wasteful. Grids are only 33% efficient, with 66% of the energy released as waste.

By using battery storage, home and business owners, along with utilities, can optimize energy consumption by storing energy for usage during future peak load times, taking pressure off the grid, reducing overproduction of energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Battery storage systems help ensure that no power above a predetermined threshold will be drawn from the grid during peak times, which can be key to avoiding blackouts.
Battery storage energy optimization motivates utility companies to reward home and business customers by charging them less, or by offering cash rebates and other incentives for implementing battery storage systems.

Users save money by lower power utility costs by charging batteries when rates are low and deploying stored energy when rates are high, thus saving thousands of dollars a month.
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