Safe. Renewable. Reliable.
ABF focuses exclusively on manufacturing and enhancing high-performance prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries – the safest, longest-lasting, most reliable and eco-friendly batteries available today.
The safest battery chemistry, cell design and construction
LFP battery cell chemistry does not contain toxic, volatile and combustible chemicals such as cobalt and nickel. Because of that, there is less likelihood of hazardous explosions or fires due to thermal runaway.

ABF manufactures prismatic LFP cells which provide higher power density, lower weight for battery modules and a safer design when compared to cylindrical cells.

Life cycles for the average LFP battery.
Compared to 3,000+ for cobalt- or nickel-based batteries.


Year lifespan. Less waste and a greater cost per use.
Lead-acid batteries average a two-year lifespan.

Most reliable
Their long lifespan makes LFP batteries an ideal option for durable and dependable energy storage systems. There is no active maintenance needed to extend service life. Batteries can be stored for long periods of time while maintaining their state of charge.
Most eco-friendly
ABF is committed to transitioning the supply chain to ethically-sourced North American raw materials.

LFP batteries are recyclable, reducing our carbon footprint. Electrodes made with LFP chemistry contain fewer toxic materials than other lithium-ion batteries containing lead or nickel and cobalt, which can leak.
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