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American Battery Factory
Go-to company for home-grown batteries
    WHAT WE DO  
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    WHAT WE DO  
Contact Us!
American Battery Factory
1st network of safe Lithium-Ion battery cell factories in the USA
Onshoring safe, nontoxic Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells so you can have power anytime, anywhere
Made in America with ethically sourced materials – securing the U.S. supply chain
No Cobalt and No Nickel
Our network of clean and green U.S. factories is focused on optimizing the aging utility grid with decarbonizing battery cells
Ask for 'Made in USA' safe Lithium battery cells
P A R T N E R S H I P S,  M E M B E R S H I P S,  A L L I A N C E S,  A N D  R E S O U R C E S

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are the safest, longest lasting, nontoxic energy storage technology on the market today. They are highly efficient, require no maintenance, are lightweight, and good for the planet.

Our Lithium Iron Phosphate cells contain no cobalt which means we are not potentially financing over 400,000 children in forced labor (modern slavery) mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo – another step in supporting our path to ethical sourcing.

Battery cells are welded together to form battery modules, then paired with a battery management system controller and placed into an enclosure to create an energy storage device which customers can then use. 

Using Lithium Iron Phosphate for batteries was discovered in America by Arumugam Manthiram and John B. Goodenough. However, China is where the chemistry was scaled and matured over the past decade. American Battery Factory will be the first company to onshore this technology back to the USA in large gigafactories.

Lithium Chemistries make a difference - BE "BATTERY INTENTIONAL"

Lithium Iron Phosphate is the safe chemistry. Be “Battery Intentional” – Chose the right chemistry


LCO vs 22 Gun = Explosion


NMC vs 22 gun = Explosion


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) vs 357 Handgun =
No Reaction


Long Lifespan
Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries have 6000+ life cycles (a full charge and discharge) without decreasing performance. That means they last for up to 20 years. By comparison, the average lifetime of lead-acid batteries is just two years. Other types of Lithium cells only offer about 3000 life cycles.

There are different types of Lithium batteries. Lithium Iron Phosphate cells are designed not to explode or catch on fire. They do not contain potentially volatile chemicals that are found in other Lithium cells.

High Efficiency 
Lithium Iron Phosphate has 100% of its capacity available to use. It can be quickly charged (often in just 1 hour) to reduce any downtime and increase efficiency. This makes it a great fit for a wide variety of applications including stationary and portable power.

No Active Maintenance
It does not require active maintenance to extend its service life. The batteries show no memory effects and can be stored for very long periods of time.

Flexible Use  
Because they emit no fumes or require little air flow, you can use them inside or outside. Lithium batteries can be used in any position; they can even be stacked on top of each other!


Wide Variety of Applications
Lithium Iron Phosphate is the ideal cell chemistry for targeting the non-Electric Vehicle (high performance cars) markets including U.S. Military and Government, BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems for home and commercial) including energy shaving, mobile power, data centers, telecommunications, RV’s, golf carts, forklifts, electric buses, motorcycles along with industrial applications

Ethically Sourced while Decarbonizing our Economy
No cobalt or nickel are used in making ABF battery cells. Our supply chain process ensures that the raw materials being used are acquired in a responsible and sustainable way.
Safe Lithium battery cells are an integral part of decarbonizing our global economies. Safe Lithium battery cells are an integral part of decarbonizing our global economies.

Solves The Peak and Valley Energy Use 
With Lithium Iron Phosphate energy storage, we can solve the peaks and valleys of energy use that occur during high and low energy demand usages by helping to stabilize the grid.

Energy Optimization & Renewable Power
For the first time, energy can be stored safely and used as needed. We can harness and store the power of the sun, wind and water and use it over-and-over again for many years.

Saves Money
Renewable power is now cheaper than any new electricity source based on fossil fuels. Solar electricity prices are down 42% compared to 2019 and more than one-fifth less than the cheapest fossil-fuel competitor namely coal-fired plants. Learn More

Lightweight and Portable
Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cell storage has good power density which allows for safe, lightweight and space saving end user products. Compared to lead-acid batteries Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries provide significantly enhanced energy density at about 1/3 the weight. Even among other types of Lithium battery cells, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery solutions weigh about 25% less.

Energy Independence
Energy storage using Lithium Iron Phosphate cells allows you to be in control of your energy inventory. You now can be independent of the grid or use it when you chose to recharge your safe energy storage … so you can have energy where and when you want.  There is no need to worry about black/brown outs or when the grid goes down.

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U.S. 2021 - 2030 VISION
National Blueprint for Production of Lithium Batteries in America
American Battery Factory is supporting the U.S. Blueprint by onshoring technology in its domestic factories.

Additionally, we were asked to write amendments to the Infrastructure Bill HR3684 to support manufacturing of safe, non-toxic lithium cells in America. Such a bipartisan approach will allow America to not just compete but to dominate the global development and manufacturing of the highest quality, most enhanced, safest battery cells in the world.

On June 7, 2021 the United States published its blueprint for the Lithium-Battery Supply chain. It outlines 5 major goals:

  • Secure access to raw and refined material.
  • Support the growth of a U.S. materials-processing base.
  • Stimulate the U.S. electrode, cell, and packing manufacturing sectors.
  • Enable U.S. end-of-life reuse and critical material recycling.
  • Maintain and advance U.S. battery technology leadership by strongly supporting scientific R&D, STEM education, and workforce development.

“Establishing a domestic supply chain for lithium ... batteries requires a national commitment ... [to] developing a manufacturing base”

Jennifer M. Granholm

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Create a U.S. vertical supply chain of safe lithium batteries
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Build safe, non-toxic lithium cell manufacturing plants in U.S. with R&D Centers
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Eliminate foreign control of battery supply chain and security threat
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Restore U.S. manufacturing jobs (250-1,000 new quality jobs per factory)
"NAATBatt salutes American Battery Factory Inc.’s mission of bringing more high quality manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries to the United States.  Lithium battery technology is one of the key foundational technologies of the 21st Century.  We need more companies such as ABF working to manufacture that technology in North America"

James Greenberger

NAATBatt International

Our Nation's Grid Is Old and Has HUGE Security Issues
  • Millions of U.S. citizens are negatively impacted due to the shortcomings in our power grids
  • U.S. grid is only 33% efficient as 66% of energy is released as waste
  • Natural disasters have been steadily increasing each year which places additional strain on our grid
    • In Texas, U.S., during February 2021, a deep freeze knocked out 40% of electric capacity
  • Grids are linked by high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines, however, they can only transfer small amounts of electricity
  • U.S. energy consumption is outpacing our current grid output during certain hours of the day
  • Our power grid is open to outside attack and is very vulnerable to cyber and physical attacks
  • An Electric Vehicle will increase home energy usage by 2x per household, placing additional pressure on an already outdated grid. “The average electric vehicle requires 30 kilowatt-hours to travel 100 miles — the same amount of electricity an average American home uses each day to run appliances, computers, lights and heating and air conditioning.” Per PEW Charitable Trust
U.S. Does Not Have A Vertical Supply Chain For Lithium Batteries
  • As of 2020 California has had a solar mandate which requires all new homes to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to generate electricity
  • This has created an over production of energy during the exact time frame when the demand is at its lowest
  • California has had to pay other states to take its excess electricity to prevent overloading their grid network during this time frame
Grid “Optimization” using “Battery Storage” is a real solution
  • Energy storage makes renewable energy viable and decarbonizes the economy
  • Optimization, using battery storage, levels out the how and when the grid is required to provide electricity and can eliminate the spikes and valleys of power usage
  • Decentralizing the grid by using energy storage unlocks about 200% more energy than is currently being consumed, all without increasing production
  • Energy storage using safe, non-toxic batteries is a wonderful and immediate solution to reducing grid overloads and failures. Building additional production of energy via new power plants is not a real solution without pairing it with such electrical storage capacity
  • Battery storage is a quick and less expensive approach than just building new power plants
  • Case Study: An east coast utility recently saved $160,000,000 and five years of time by choosing to deploy an optimized battery inventory solution in just about one year, rather than constructing a new power plant over six years with a projected budget of $200,000,000 - Such a smart choice is a great example to other utilities
  • Only about 5% of Americans who generate energy from solar panels also have battery energy storage in their homes and businesses. This is in stark contrast to Europe, where over 70% of those who create energy from solar panels have their own renewable energy storage onsite. Americans should demand the opportunity to create, own and control their own energy inventory. 
U.S. does not have a scaled vertical supply chain for lithium battery cells
U.S. accounts for only 8% of lithium battery cell manufacturing globally

The U.S. is a massive consumer of lithium battery cells, yet we, along with the rest of the world are buying them from China, since they make over ¾ of the global production. China also controls about 80% of the ingredients within the supply chain to manufacture lithium cells.

Some critical materials such as graphite, which is used in the lithium manufacturing process, is 100% imported into the U.S.

74% of new battery cell factories globally, are planned to be built in China, over 100. Europe is projecting a couple dozen new lithium battery cell plants, and the U.S. perhaps 5 to 10 plants. The key focus for all the plants is to make batteries for Electric Vehicles. This places the U.S. in a dependent situation for our future energy needs.

North American suppliers of components required to make lithium battery cells have not scaled their production levels because they lack the most basic of business fundamentals – a customer - due to China controlling the worldwide market. American Battery Factory is that customer which the North American supply has been waiting for. Dozens of companies will be able to expand, hiring new American workers as the eco-system comes alive.

Only American Battery Factory has the mandate and vision to construct a network of green, clean, scaled non-toxic and safe lithium battery cell factories across America using a rapid construction template approach.

Exponential global demand for lithium batteries 
  • $105B worldwide market demand for lithium batteries by 2025
  • Global Electric Vehicle battery supply is projected to be sold out by 2025 – per Bank of America 
  • Battery demand is insatiable and unlimited …
Lithium Battery Demand 2018 vs 2030
U.S. has lost is manufacturing base
66,000 manufacturing sites have been lost in U.S. since 2000
  • On average, more than 1,200 manufacturing jobs were lost every day for 10 years. The net loss of manufacturing firms and facilities amounted to 66,000 manufacturing sites closed.
A deindustrialized U.S. is a disarmed America — a country that is precariously vulnerable to coercion, espionage, and foreign interference
"TechLaw Ventures is proud to provide intellectual property support to American Battery Factory (ABF). TechLaw Ventures supports ABF’s mission to revolutionize and improve the energy storage and battery manufacturing industries in efficient and environmentally responsible ways. ABF’s innovations and forward-thinking approach to manufacturing and Lithium Iron Phosphate battery production have the potential to provide valuable benefits to the energy industry and to the country, as a whole, for years to come. TechLaw Ventures is excited to work with ABF to and protect its future innovations and improvements in the coming years and look forward to seeing first-hand the positive impacts that ABF’s technologies make on the world."

Terrence J Edwards

Tech Law Ventures

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Safe, Non-Toxic USA Lithium Battery Factory Network
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  • Launching a Network of turnkey, rapid construction factories in the U.S. that are producing in months, not years
  • Establishing the 1st U.S. safe, non-toxic battery supply chain for Non-Electric Vehicle energy uses
  • 250 growing to 1000 newly created jobs per plant
  • 3 gigawatts capacity, modular designs growing to 15 GWh or larger  – per factory
  • U.S. can be very competitive in manufacturing safe, non-toxic lithium batteries
  • Robotic factories – high speed and automated, battery costs are not driven by labor costs
  • Clean and green factories designed for education and innovation – Swiss style apprenticeship programs
Bring The Supply Chain & Manufacturing Back To The USA
  • Securing U.S. assembly supply chain, 100% American owned operations
  • U.S. will own the the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream supply chain by working with ALL U.S. mines, manufactures, technology, engineers, assembly, and distributors.
New Battery Grade Lithium
  • Incorporate new technology development here in the U.S. such as:  

  1. Salton Sea, CA created closed loop geothermal field generating power/heat while extracting lithium from its brine. This process extracts lithium in hours, not months.

  2. The University of Texas created a new brine filtration technique which reduces lithium extraction time by 90%.
Standard Module Factories That Use Rapid Construction Technology 
  • Establish a network of factories and battery ecosystem.
  • Use Rapid Construction Technology to drive cost down, clean and green for the environment, fast in production, and secure factories. 
  • Containerized turnkey solution for new factories.
  • Modular Design – expand as needed
  • The first of many ABF factories will quickly bring U.S. on par with Chinese Lithium Ion Battery processing manufacturing.
Perpetual Commercial And Consumer Demand Creates Stable And Scalable Growth
  • We are partnering with U.S. commercial and consumer facing brands for a continuous demand of lithium products. 
  • Lion Energy is the first of many companies involved that delivers everyday power storage by providing portable power banks, silent solar generators, RV auxiliary power, and residential  & commercial energy storage systems
Prismatic Cells & Change Of Raw Materials 
  • Increased energy density
  • Higher value proposition
  • Less competition
  • Few manufacturers
  • Increased uses due to form factor
  • Current anodes offer a capacity of 372 mAh/g, with our new raw material and technology we can customized the capacities to be between 1000 mAh/g and over 2500 mAh/g.
  • Delivering higher cell level energy density and best-in-class rate capabilities for high discharge applications
Artificial Intelligence:
“AI” Cell Detection 

  • Prediction of faulty cells and therefore, optimization of the entire supply chain
  • Upstream and downstream data collection and analysis
  • Increased volumes and quality
  • Shorter lead times
  • New licensing profit center
  • QR code on every cell
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Exploding Demand 

Lion Energy is the first of many consumer facing brands that is involved with American Battery Factory. Lion Energy is in hypergrowth U.S. lithium battery solutions company providing portable power banks, silent solar generators, RV auxiliary power and whole residential & commercial energy storage systems

Click here to learn more about Lion Energy>>

Targeted applications and markets for safe,
non-toxic Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells 

Sustaining national security, reducing foreign dependency, and fulfilling “Made in USA” mandates

American Battery Factory battery cells are ideally designed for the

  • U.S. Military and Government
  • Home and office Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) including data centers, telecommunications
  • Commercial energy shaving (charging battery storage when electrical rates are inexpensive, while using battery energy when rates are high or at peak)
  • RV’s
  • Mobile power
  • Electric buses and trams
  • Motorcycles
  • Traction machinery, and Low speed Electric Vehicles such as tractors, golf carts, e-bikes, wheelchairs, sweepers, scrubbers, AGV (auto guided vehicles) and forklifts
We have assembled a world class team involving only the best talent from their respective fields.
We also have other globally recognized battery scientists and technologists who prefer to advise American Battery Factory confidentially. 
Tom Cosentino / Co-Chairman
30+ yrs global military ops – As a retired Army Brigadier General he now serves as Business Executives for National Security’s COO focused on strategic dialogue with senior civilian and uniformed national security leaders.

  • 28th Commandant of National War College
  • Deputy Director for Political and Military Affairs – advising the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense
  • Deputy Commanding General for Regional Support, NATO Training Mission Afghanistan
  • Chief of Strategy, Plans, & Assessments – planned training & equipping 400,000+ Iraqi Army and Police Forces
  • PhD candidate in the Public Policy Program at the University of Maryland

Evan Singer / Co-Chairman 
President & CEO of The Singer Group, 40+ years servicing the Worldwide Military Resale Market.

  • Supply Chain & Tech expert
  • Recognized by President Obama for innovation
  • “Joining Forces” initiative -  The White House initiative led by the First Lady, Doctor Jill Biden, and Martha Stewart

Jared Rasmussen
Vice President of Crewe Capital – Salt Lake City, Denver and New York City

  • Crewe Capital - Independent investment banking, securities, and mergers and acquisitions firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, and family offices.
Dr. Feng Liu 
Professor, former Dept. Chair of Materials Science & Engineering at University of Utah.

  • Nano, Energy & Quantum materials expert
  • 300+ journal publications, 18,500 citations
  • Top 2% scientists globally
  • Founder of two startups – 10+ patents
  • Multi U.S. and International awards
  • U.S. DOE panelist

Frank Davis

As an entrepreneur for 40+ years, he founded several multi-million-dollar companies.

  • Inc. 500 Magazine – fastest growing
  • Highest Eng News-Record Factor Award of Merit 
  • Utah Entrepreneur of Year
  • 20+ yrs – World Senior games Champion
Paul Charles
International entrepreneur & globally commercialized technology inventor.
  • Portable computing pioneer, power & expansion products
  • Nanomaterial expertise
  • 25 yrs as multi-industry global senior executive with focus on tech & energy
  • Featured in WSJ, Success & Forbes
Tyler Hortin

20+ yrs of financial & supply chain experience helping high growth companies achieve their financial objectives.

  • As a manufacturing and distribution senior executive he successfully focused on profit optimization and compliance
Jimmy Gurr
Born in China, immigrated to the U.S. and became a U.S. citizen.

  • Self-made multimillionaire in a variety of industries from restaurants to construction.
  • Keen negotiator, he understands the Chinese culture and is multi-lingual.

Paul Charles
International entrepreneur & globally commercialized technology inventor

  • Portable computing pioneer, power & expansion products
  • Nanomaterial expertise
  • 25 yrs as multi-industry global senior executive with focus on tech & energy
  • Featured in WSJ, Success & Forbes
Tyler Hortin

20+ yrs of financial & supply chain experience helping high growth companies achieve their financial objectives

  • As a manufacturing and distribution senior executive he successfully focused on profit optimization and compliance
Michael Davidson

  • 20+ years of supply chain, construction, engineering, technology, legal and corporate experience helping utilities to startups set and achieve their goals 
  • Led organizations in the construction of $1B+ worth of energy/utility, industrial, commercial and residential projects
  • Licensed NV and UT attorney with extensive international experience
James Mosby, PhD

PhD from Panasonic, located within the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, USA

  • Cell designer
  • Factory expert in USA based Gigafactory, pilot and prototype manufacturing
  • Baterrery value chain expert
  • R&D innovator while commercializing new texhgies from laboratory
  • Lithium chemistry maven
  • 15 patents. 
"Creating resilience in our supply chain for critical products is extremely important for the nation and a goal that WTC Utah is actively promoting by using our strong networks with global companies and here in Utah.  We want to make Utah the crossroads of the world, one company at a time, and helping global companies add production capabilities here in Utah is a win for those companies, for the Utah economy, and for the nation's resiliency.  American Battery Factory's vision aligns perfectly, and we are doing all we can to help them succeed."

David Carlebach

World Trade Center Utah


Providing Securing For You And Your Family
When the power goes out, you'll have the peace-of-mind knowing that your energy needs will be meet.

Apprenticeship Program
We allow students who want to combine classroom learning with hands on experience and be mentored by professionals in a state-of-the-art robotic factory and R&D center.

Bring Jobs Back To The US
We will be bringing 250-1000 high paying jobs back to each community that we build a factory in.

Environmental Friendly
We are doing our part to help make America more green. All of our factories are sustainable, which means we conserve natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint, and recycle materials. We are part of your community.

America Battery Factory will be creating a vertical supply chain for making lithium batteriesWith a national security vision and local community feel
Our goal is to become the
"Go -To Company For Home Grown Batteries" 
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735 Auto Mall Dr., American Fork, UT 84003  USA


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