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The Board of Supervisors for Arizona’s Pima County (home to Tucson) is scheduled to vote at their Dec. 6, 2022 meeting on a proposal to sell American Battery Factory (ABF) property for the development of ABF’s first in a planned series of U.S.-based gigafactories producing safe lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells. (Please click here to see the posted agenda.) If approved, the project would provide an estimated $1.2 billion in capital investment, $3.1 billion in economic impact to the state and accelerate the growth of the clean energy economy across the country. 

American Battery Factory is energized by the possibility of opening our first factory in Tucson, Arizona at a site located in the heart of the county’s growing Aerospace Research Campus. We have been in close coordination with officials at all levels of state, county and city leadership to ensure that our proposal for the site will benefit both the local community in Tucson as well as the broader Arizona economy.  We appreciate the dedication that county officials have demonstrated in evaluating our proposal and, pending an affirmative vote by the board on Tuesday, look forward to sharing more details about our proposal for the Tucson, Arizona site.

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