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Ge takes helm of ABF as it prepares to build first lithium iron phosphate (LFP)  battery cell gigafactory in Tucson, Arizona

American Fork, Utah, April 10, 2023 — American Battery Factory Inc. (ABF), an emerging battery manufacturer leading the development of the first network of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell gigafactories in the United States, today announced the appointment of Zhenfang “Jim” Ge as chief executive officer. Ge co-founded ABF in 2021 and has acted as chairman since that time. Ge replaces Paul Charles as CEO, who resigned in early 2023 to pursue other endeavors. Ge will draw on his intimate understanding of China’s lithium-ion battery manufacturing and supply chain dominance in his capacity as CEO.

“We talk a lot about generating renewable energy as a society, but not about how to store it,” said Ge. “Without batteries, moving to an entirely green energy economy is impossible. As our network grows, we will begin to fulfill our mission of making energy independence and renewable energy a reality for the United States.”

Ge’s decade of experience sourcing and supplying Lithium-ion batteries to top product manufacturing companies, along with his passion for providing high-quality solutions to the energy storage sector, has resulted in industry-leading innovation and solutions that will position ABF as the leader in U.S.-based LFP production while reducing foreign dependency.

Originally from China, Ge immigrated to the United States and became a U.S. citizen, founding several companies. In 2014 he embarked on his "energy for everyone" journey, which included launching Lion Energy, a developer and manufacturer of high-quality energy storage products for personal and commercial use. Ge and the other founders subsequently recognized the need to onshore a U.S.-based LFP battery supply chain to eliminate foreign dependency. To accomplish this, they created and incubated ABF to not only be its domestic battery cell supplier but to also establish ABF as an independent manufacturer for all pack integrators and energy storage solution providers.

ABF announced in December 2022 that it had selected Tucson, Ariz. as the site for its first U.S.-based gigafactory. The site will serve as ABF’s official headquarters and create approximately 300 high-paying jobs in the first phase of the factory's opening, scaling up to 1,000 cumulative jobs.

“Securing Tucson as our headquarters and first giga-factory is one of the crowning achievements and legacy of Paul Charles’ tenure at CEO,” said Ge. “Charles’ tireless commitment to find the perfect location for us to transform energy storage has positioned ABF to be successful in the years and decades ahead.”

The LFP battery cell chemistry that ABF will employ at its U.S. factories will allow for the production of the safest, longest-lasting, most reliable and eco-friendly batteries currently available. Avoiding the use of nickel and cobalt, ABF’s materials will be more ethically sourced and allow for optimized performance in energy storage systems. ABF's cells will empower consumers, households and business owners as well as electric utilities and independent power producers across the United States to automate the management of their own inventory of power, reduce the intermittency currently caused by renewables, and gain the independence to optimize and transform energy usage on their own terms.

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American Battery Factory Inc., a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cell manufacturer, is developing the first-ever network of safe LFP cell giga-factories in the United States. The company is dedicated to making energy independence and renewable energy a reality for the United States by creating a domestic battery supply chain. Along with creating domestic manufacturing jobs, ABF will play a crucial role in meeting federal and state government climate change initiatives and "Made-in-USA" national security requirements. For more information on American Battery Factory, please visit

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