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Kem takes on lead role at ABF to ensure commitment to national security and development of domestic supply chain

25 Aug 2023

American Fork, Utah, August 25, 2023 — American Battery Factory Inc. (ABF), an emerging battery manufacturer leading the development of the first network of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell gigafactories in the United States, today announced the appointment of former Major General John S. Kem as president. He joins the company in the head leadership role alongside recently appointed CEO Jim Ge. Kem’s 35-year Army career spanned the Europe District, North American Division and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He will draw on his expertise enhancing national and global security in his capacity as president.
“At the forefront of ABF’s vision is to serve safe, reliable and efficient energy to a variety of markets including data centers, telecommunications and cellular network, healthcare providers, municipalities, the U.S. military and more,” said Kem. “I am honored to join the company in this capacity and to help fulfill this vision of making energy independence a reality for the United States. Together, we will create solutions for the most complex energy transition issues the world has ever faced.” 
Kem’s experience includes numerous key positions at the Pentagon as well as international organizations. He served as the commandant of the U.S. Army War College, focusing on educating U.S. and international leaders to operate at the strategic-enterprise level. As commanding general of the Northwestern Division of the Army Corps of Engineers, he led a geographically dispersed organization in civil works, military construction and environmental restoration covering 14 states as well as the Columbia and Missouri River basins.

In his other command assignments, Kem was responsible for over $1B in Army and Air Force construction in Europe and Africa and served in Afghanistan as chief of the joint engineering team. Kem also served in a congressional fellowship on the Senate Appropriations defense and military construction subcommittees and was chief of the Army’s program and budget divisions. In addition, he taught microeconomics and macroeconomics as an assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the United States Military Academy. 

By developing a U.S.-centric LFP battery cell supply chain and reducing dependence on global sources, ABF will improve U.S. economic competitiveness, drive equitable job creation and help meet national security and defense mandates. The company will support the federal directive to diversify the supply chain through its commitment to sourcing North American raw materials and through R&D to identify and develop new battery cell chemistries and technologies. In addition, the company will provide safe, reliable battery cells for use in critical infrastructure and for defense projects requiring innovations essential to military preparedness.
“We are building and attracting a world-class management team, workforce and strategic partner network, and having John Kem join our company as president is the culmination of these efforts,” said Jim Ge, CEO of ABF. “With his invaluable experience, we will navigate the development of the first network of LFP battery cell gigafactories in the country. ABF will continue to bring together entrepreneurs and scientific experts to enhance an unrivaled foundation for the most innovative battery cells for energy storage solutions.”
ABF is beginning the first phase of development on its gigafactory in Tucson, Arizona, with plans to break ground within the next few months. The site will serve as the company’s official headquarters and will be the country’s largest gigafactory to produce LFP battery cells. Investment and support from strategic partners will allow ABF to transform today’s energy paradigm, opening the window for using software and technology to manage an unlimited inventory of clean energy sources.
American Battery Factory Inc., a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell manufacturer, is developing the first-ever network of safe LFP cell gigafactories in the United States. The company is dedicated to making energy independence and clean energy a reality for the United States by creating a domestic battery supply chain. Along with creating domestic manufacturing jobs, ABF will play a crucial role in meeting federal and state government climate change initiatives and "Made-in-USA" national security requirements. For more information on American Battery Factory, please visit 

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