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Liu’s renowned career experience includes leadership roles with the Battery500 Consortium, International Coalition for Energy Storage and the University of Washington

5 Sept 2023

American Fork, Utah, September 5, 2023 — American Battery Factory Inc. (ABF), an emerging battery manufacturer leading the development of the first network of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cell gigafactories in the United States, today announced it has hired Dr. Jun Liu as the company’s chief scientist to lead and support all aspects of ABF’s research and development. In addition to his role at ABF, Liu serves as the director for the Innovation Center for the Battery500 Consortium, Washington Research Foundation Innovation Chair in Clean Energy, Campbell Chair of Materials Science & Engineering and Battelle Fellow at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

“Dr. Liu brings a wealth of industry knowledge and exceptional experience to American Battery Factory, perfect for leading the development of our unique battery technology as we begin our network of gigafactories here in the United States,” said Jim Ge, CEO of American Battery Factory. “As we prepare to begin manufacturing our cells, Dr. Liu’s world-renowned leadership and expertise will enhance our longest-lasting LFP battery cell technology as well as pave the way for innovative advancements to come.”

At ABF, Liu will lead and support all aspects of the company’s research and development from start to finish. His responsibilities include product research and development, innovation evaluation and integration, and quality control while establishing the path for ABF’s domestic and global manufacturing expansion.

Dr. Liu has more than 30 years of leadership and experience, ranging from his roles as department manager for chemical synthesis and nanomaterials at Sandia, the thrust leader for complex materials for the Integrated Center for Nanotechnologies (CINT) and lead scientist for cross-cutting sciences for the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (CESR). In his new role as ABF’s chief scientist, he brings in-depth expertise in materials synthesis, characterization and application of advanced materials for energy. He is accomplished at enhancing the development and deployment of new materials and technologies for electric vehicles, residential equipment and grid-scale energy storage among others, making him an asset to the company as research and development moves forward. 

“ABF’s mission to develop a domestic supply chain for LFP batteries allows us to truly make energy independence a reality for everyone,” said Dr. Jun Liu, chief scientist at American Battery Factory. “ABF’s unique chemistry enables us to produce the safest, longest-lasting, most reliable and environmentally friendly batteries available today. I look forward to being a part of this groundbreaking work.”

Dr. Liu is the recipient of the Battery Division Technology Award from The Electrochemical Society (ECS), two R&D100 Awards and the DOE EERE Exceptional Achievement Award. He has been ranked in the top one percent of highly cited researchers since 2014, according to Clarivate Analytics.

American Battery Factory Inc., a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cell manufacturer, is developing the first-ever network of safe LFP cell giga-factories in the United States. The company is dedicated to making energy independence and clean energy a reality for the United States by creating a domestic battery supply chain. Along with creating domestic manufacturing jobs, ABF will play a crucial role in meeting federal and state government climate change initiatives and "Made-in-USA" national security requirements. For more information on American Battery Factory, please visit  

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